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The Delco Dills Pickleball Club was formed by Pickleball-loving Delaware County residents looking to connect with others who love to play or who want to learn the game.  Our mission is simple – to offer the sport of pickleball to all Delaware County residents, regardless of age or athletic ability level. Our founding committee consists of residents from Wallingford and Swarthmore, and includes Chris Burk, Kathy Dolphin, Liz Gallard, Lyn Goff, Maureen McEntee, Rich Wicentowski, and Jennifer Vincent.

The Delco Dills are currently organizing OPEN PLAY sessions in Wallingford, PA at 101 Plush Mill Road (former Summit School location, now Gouley Park). Four courts have been painted on the asphalt parking surface there.  We have obtained permission from Nether Providence Township, the property owner, and have placed a storage box at the park to house portable nets, pickleball paddles and other supplies to facilitate play by community members. 


The long-range plan of the Delco Dills Pickleball Club is to raise funds to build properly surfaced pickleball courts in our community. The funds will be used to pay for the cost of the court surfaces, permanent nets, fencing between and around courts, a storage shed and other items to make our pickleball courts the pride of Delaware County. 




What are the benefits of Pickleball to the community?

Most people play pickleball because it’s just fun. However, there exists a positive side effect to having that fun and it comes in the form of health benefits. Getting off the couch and onto the court offers a range of health perks, including mental health.

The pickleball community is an excellent example of how staying active can improve one’s physical health. From increasing strength to boosting the immune system to improving sleep -- playing pickleball on a regular basis, packs in a lot of physical health benefits.

If you’ve ever felt a mood boost during or after a game of pickleball, it’s about more than just having fun. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, which are the feel good chemicals that elevate mood. Regular exercise has been known to ward off anxiety, fight depression and boost self esteem.

Pickleball is a conduit for engaging in social activity, which promotes higher self-esteem and lower levels of loneliness. Pickleball, usually played with four people on the court at the same time, is an excellent conduit for broadening your social web and increasing the number of face-to-face interactions with others in your neighborhood, town, and broader community. 

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