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Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. Its rules are basic, and it is enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. Pickleball takes feel-good elements from various paddle sports like tennis, badminton, and ping pong, and combines them with some new rules and unique nuances. then it mixes it all together in the most delicious of ways. Pickleball is a court sport played with paddles and a light plastic ball. It is a wonderful sport for anyone – those with and without athletic backgrounds become addicted to the sport and play at the social, recreational, tournament, and professional levels. Pickleball was once primarily a game played by older or retired people looking to stay active or get in shape. Now the game is being recognized by all ages and being played by people in their 30s and younger.

The game is inherently social and friendly. It is this social aspect that makes pickleball so popular and addictive. Once you get a taste, you’re going to want more.

Pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors (even in winter!) and is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. The game has a fast-growing and passionate following because of its friendly, social nature, and its multi-generational appeal.

The game is simple to pick up and can be very addictive, which is why pickleball enthusiasts - who call themselves “picklers” - can't stop “pickling”. Keep reading to learn more about pickleball, the basics behind its rules, who can play it, and what you need to get started.


Pickleball can be played by anyone regardless of skill level, racquet sport background, or age. From a recreational standpoint, pickleball can be played by truly anyone. It is that diverse. There are opportunities for wheelchair-bound players.

The rules are built to even the playing field. This allows for older, less athletic players who possess touch and precision to go up against and even beat younger, more athletic players half their age.

Rowing Crew


Three dads who lived on Bainbridge Island, Washington created the game of Pickleball in 1965. Their children were bored during the summer, so they came up with rules, court dimensions, and homemade paddles to keep them entertained. The name Pickleball is said to come from the "pickle boat", the last boat to finish a race, usually made up of leftover rowers from various teams.

Ping Pong Accessories


Pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors. Four pickleball courts fit in the size of one tennis court. The net is lower to the ground than a tennis net. 


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