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See the instructions below to create a free account to sign up.*** 


Playing at other locations 

The Delco Dills enjoy playing together and meeting other players in the community. In this photo, some club members traveled to play in Glen Mills. Others enjoy playing in Havertown or Down the Shore! Check out other locations to play using

Signing Contract

Sign a waiver to play

The first time you come out to play with the Delco Dills, we ask that you sign a player waiver. We will collect them at the courts, so please print one to bring with you.


Playing at Gouley Park

There are four lined courts on the old Summit School parking lot. We set up and take down the nets each session. It doesn't take too long and depending on the number of players all four courts may or may not be in use. There is very little shade at the courts. It's a good idea to bring your own water, hat, chair or umbrella. There is a porta-potty onsite.


Delco Dill's Equipment

The Delco Dills have a storage box onsite at Gouley Park for club members to have access to equipment. We have several nets to set up on the courts and a few balls and paddles to use until you decide to get your own! When you join you will be given information on how to access the equipment.


  • Go to (see link below)

  • Register with your email address

  • For Gouley Park, select the Nether Providence location

  • Get the correct date  and time you want to play

  • Find the session you are looking for or create a new session

  • Click on the circle of the session and then click on Add My Name

  • Change the location setting to see other places to play

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